Democratic Omega Primary Today

The AP and NBC News has determined that Sec. Hillary Clinton has made some long awaiting history.and become the first woman to successfully win the nomination of a major political party

However, the Sanders folks don’t see it that way, but math and reality are irrefutable. After sweeping the Caribbean contests in the Virgin Islands caucus and Puerto Rico, in blowout fashion, the Clinton team is focused on building on the Caribbean momentum in the six upcoming races today, consolidating their case the 2016 Democratic Party presidential nomination is theirs, and shift to party unification and vigorously opposing  Republican nominee Donald Trump in the fall.

Superdelegates matter Bernie supporters. The fact that Clinton has two million more voter that Sanders explain why she has built that insurmountable lead that has led to her busting through that electoral glass ceiling.

As I mentioned, six states will hold primaries and caucus on this June 7 date with the big prize of the what’s being billed as the Omega Primary being New Jersey (148 delegates) and California (548 delegates).

Montana (27 delegates) , New Mexico (43 delegates) and South Dakota (25 delegates) will have primary elections while North Dakota will have a caucus (23 delegates)

We’ll find out in a few hours what happens, but in the meantime, if you live in any of these Omega primary states, handle your business because there are other candidates in races besides the presidential primary who are counting on your votes. .

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