Deenequia Dodds Case Update

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Have some more good news to report in the Deenequia Dodds case

To refresh your memory banks, 22 year old Deenequia was our DC sister who was shot during a robbery on July 4 in NE DC and died nine days later in the hospital.

Three men, 26 year old Jalonte Little, 21 year old Monte Tyree Johnson and 21 year old Cyheme Hall have been arrested and charged in this case  with a robbery conspiracy and first degree felony murder while armed that was motivated by Dodds trans status.

These three reprehensible people are also being charged with four other robberies that occurred that day including the trio robbing another DC trans woman.

Little, Johnson and Hall are facing a potential 60 years in jail if convicted, and with the hate crime enhancement, if the judge in the case chooses to do so, bumps up the potential sentence to 90 years in prison.

Longtime DC trans activist Earline Budd praised the indictment in her comments to the Washington Post.

“It sends a message that it’s not OK to go around and shoot, harm and kill transgender people,” Budd said. “It sends a message that we are human like anyone else.” 

Now they just need to enhance the message being sent by finding them guilty of their crime and sentencing them to the maximum sentence allowed 

I will be keeping track of this case as well and seeing if justice is served in Deenequia’s case.

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