Debunking The Top 5 Myths About TBLG Rights Laws

We heard all those lies during our recent contentious battle to pass the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, and Media Matters For America now has produced this video that debunks the Top 5 lies.

So file this video away for future reference and use when your locale decides to pass an LGBT rights ordinance or you build the critical political mass to push for passage of one.

Because we know that as soon as your local governmental entity decides to do the right thing and protect their LGBT citizens, the conservahaters will deploy these lies in a desperate attempt to derail it.

And what are those conservalies?

1. LGBTQ folks aren’t actually discriminated against anymore.
2. Non-discrimination laws create special rights for LGBTQ folks.
3. Non-discrimination laws infringe on the religious rights of Christians.
4. Non-discrimination laws will trigger a wave of frivolous law suits.
5. Non-discrimination laws let sexual predators sneak in women’s bathrooms.

Here’s the video.


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