Deadline Approaching For The WH Trans Petition

When the Fran Watson created petition asking for the federal government to investigate the causes of the violence leading to the murders of tans women of color went up on August 10, it was with hopeful optimism after it was posted and I signed it that we would hit that 100K signature target in a very short time.

I saw this as an easy way to show support for the trans communities of color in the wake of us having a murderous month of July, and I remembered how fast the Leelah Alcorn one hit its target in mere days..  

We are now six days from the September 10 deadline to get those signatures, and we’re not even over 10,000 signatures yet,  

Guess not all trans lives matter as much.  

We have six days to get over 95,000 signatures to get a White House response to this petition.  If you have already signed it like I have, I thank you on behalf of my community and the trans women we have lost this year.   If you haven’t, here’s the link to it.

Here’s hoping that more people sign it, share it and we at least get to 10,000 signatures for it.

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