DC Unanimously Approves Same Sex Divorce Bill

The DC City Council without drama on March 6 unanimously approved the Civil Marriage Dissolution Equality Amendment Act of 2011.   The measure permits same sex couples who got married in DC but reside elsewhere to dissolve those marriages without having to establish six months of residency in the District.

Yep, even Marion Barry voted for it.

Because marriage equality is not recognized in all states, couples who got married in states to do allow it find that when the relationship goes sour to the point they seek a divorce, their states of residence for fear they will undermine their anti-gay marriage amendments will not grant a same sex divorce.. 

The Act was introduced by Councilmember Phil Mendelson (D) to ‘introduce dignity to the process of dissolving a marriage’ according to a Metro Weekly article  Eight of the 12 DC councilmembers cosponsored it and the measure unanimously passed a February 7 preliminary vote . 

The measure goes to Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray (D) for his signature.

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