Dave Welch, Heal Yourself First


As you longtime TransGriot readers know, last year I had the personal pleasure of ripping Dave Welch a new anus during a HERO debate on Houston Media Source TV.

Now King Hater, basking in the afterglow of leading the push to get human rights coverage stripped for 2.2 million people, now wants to part his lips to say that trans people can be cured through ‘Biblical counseling’?

Is that what you faux faith based azzholes are calling reparative therapy these days?  If it didn’t work on gay people, what the hell makes you think it is going to work on transgender people

And as for your Saturday Houston Chronicle comment in the wake of the TNA rally that the Christian God is disrespected by wanting a body other than the one he created for them.’   He then continued down that transphobic road by stating that  transgender people ‘should seek Biblical therapy to settle their confusion’.

Dave, Dave Dave.   I am a Christian who doesn’t believe in your racist, right-wing interpretation of God.   I also believe that God created transgender people especially since we reside everywhere on this planet, and our human rights and humanity need to be respected and protected.

God also gave doctors and surgeons the ability to help people become the persons they need to be, 

What we do with our bodies to make us happy falls in ‘none of your damned business’ territory, and we in the Houston trans community are more than fed up with you, your sellout kneegrow ministers and your GOP friends demonizing us and our humanity for Republican political advantage.

Transphobic bigotry wrapped in scripture is still transphobic bigotry.

As a matter of fact why don’t you cease and desist with the repeated violations of the Ninth Commandment and just stop bearing false witness against trans people. period.  

Dave Welch

You have gotten your azz handed to you by Cristan Williams, me and most recently Nikki Araguz Loyd, and we aren’t putting up with your transphobic bigotry and attacks on our humanity.

Trans people aren’t the problem Dave.  You being a human rights oppressor, and your friends misusing the Bible to push your bigoted reactionary political agenda is.

I suggest you take your own advice and seek some professional counseling for that deep seated transphobia you have been demonstrating since 2010.

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