Danica’s Unapologetically Trans Political Commercial

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As some of you are aware of, Danica Roem is taking on incumbent Delegate Bob Marshall (R) in a historic race for the District 13 seat that he’s held since 1991 and used to be a relentless legislative oppressor to the Virginia TBLGQ community.

Roem won a four way primary race back in June to become the Democratic Party nominee in this race and earn the shot at taking down one of the TBLGQ community’s longtime political enemies.

If she wins, she would not only became the first out trans person elected to a state legislative seat, she would become the first trans person elected to a US state legislature since since Althea Garrison did so in 1990. 

Bigot Bob is living up to his name by misgendering Danica,refusing to debate her and being a transphobic idiot on the campaign trail.

Danica fired back with this ad embracing her trans identity that Bigot Bob has been attacking.

Hope you Virginia TransGriot readers who live in District 13 are registered to vote and planning to help Danica make history in a few weeks. 

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