Damn Skippy The Trayvon Martin Case Is About Race

The conservawhining has started over the Trayvon Martin case along with their attempts to conservasmear his reputation and turn the bigoted shooter George Zimmerman into a martyr for whiteness, white supremacy and white people’s fetishistic attachment to guns  .

Hey, we African-Americans didn’t create white privilege or whiteness, we
have to deal with the deleterious effects of it in our lives. You also have some clueless white peeps who are buying the conservaspin that this case ‘isn’t about race’.

Bull feces, it most certainly IS about race.  

Your first clue should have been the 911 tape in which Zimmerman possibly utters a racial slur as he’s following Trayvon.   Your next is Zimmerman still walking around in his undisclosed location a month after he shoots and kills an unarmed Black teenager without being arrested while Trayvon is dead and in his grave.

Another vanilla scented clue this is about race is the denials coming from people wallowing in vanillacentric privilege decrying the fact that this case has been and become polarizing. 

And your final clue is Zimmerman’s defense attorney running to get a cookie chomping Negroid useful fool to try to claim he was a close friend of Zimmerman who predictably said ‘he’s not racist’ but did the dirty work of posthumously smearing Trayvon.

Too bad he failed miserably at his assigned tasks.

The more this case drags out, the more the truth comes out about the hate crime that Zimmerman did and the collapsing cover up of it.


So naw, I don’t want to hear that crap that this case isn’t about race.   It’s been about race ever since George Zimmerman made the February 26 decision to frack with an African-American teenager who was minding his own damned business after getting some Skittles and a can of iced tea because in his bigoted mind, he didn’t belong in that neighborhood..

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