Daliah Husu Tells Her Story In Her Book ‘I Am Woman’

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Over the years I’ve read and have a few autobiographical books by trans people sitting on my bookshelf telling their stories like Caroline Cossey’s My Story, Christine Jorgensen’s autobiography, and Janet Mock’s Redefining Realness.  I’m looking forward to reading Being Jazz and getting it autographed by her the next time I see her and reading Willy Wilkinson’s book Born on the Edge Of Race and Gender. 

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Telling our stories in print and book form is also an important way to not only combat the right wing demonization of our trans lives, but point out we are part of the diverse mosaic of human life.

One of the people I’ve been getting to know is author Daliah Husu.   She was born in the Dominican Republic, moved here to the US at age 8, and in her memoir  I Am Woman, Surviving The Past, The Present & The Future she recounts her bumpy journey to womanhood and coming out still standing.

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She’s now happily married to her hubby Ruben (happy first anniversary!), and is one of our up and coming advocates.  I’m looking forward to finally meeting her soon.

Her book is available for purchase on Amazon.com or at her daliahhusu.com website, and looking forward to reading it.

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