Dale Hansen Unplugged- Mack Beggs

Whenever I’m in the Dallas-Ft Worth area and have time to watch the local news there, I tune into WFAA-TV 8 so I can watch Dale Hansen’s sports reports and his ‘Hansen Unplugged’ commentary.  

Yesterday he commented on Euless Trinity trans wrestler Mack Beggs’ Texas Class 6A girls wrestling state championship in his weight class and the stuck on stupid UIL trans athletic policy that led to it.

Beggs because of the lack of UIL vision and their transphobia, was forced to despite being on testosterone for his transition and he and his family asking he allowed to wrestle against boys, forced by UIL bureaucrats to wrestle against girls.

Image result for Mack Beggs wins wrestling state title

That lack of UIL vision led to Beggs undefeated 56-0 championship season that shined a glaring spotlight on how unfair the UIL policy was to all concerned.   It will hopefully lead the UIL idiots in Austin to change it to mirror the more progressive NCAA standards.  

Here’s Dale Hansen’s commentary on Mack Beggs..


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