Crucial Caribbean Democratic Primary Elections This Weekend

The calendar page has flipped to June and thankful for Democrats, the end of the contentious primary season is in sight with Hillary Clinton poised to make American history. .

Clinton is only 94 pledged delegates away from passing the magic 2383 delegates needed for clinching the nomination.  She has 1770 pledged delegates plus an overwhelming 520 of the 715 superdelegates available.

And for the supporters of Bernie Sanders, they realize that time is running out.  While some have resigned themselves to #FeelingTheMath and realizing that it’s a matter of time before she clinches the nomination and began the process of unifying the party to take on Republican nominee Donald Trump, there are others who support Bernie who have been showing their vanillacentric privileged  behinds and ramping up the nekulturny behavior and sexist Hillary hate as this weekend, the upcoming Omega primary on June 7 and the final primary in the District of Columbia on June 14 close out the Democratic presidential primary calendar.

The Virgin Islands will have their caucus today with 12 delegates available, and Puerto Rico will follow that up with their primary election tomorrow in which 67 delegates will be up for grabs.

If nothing else, the winners of these Caribbean weekend contests can claim having momentum into the Omega primary June 7.

For my readers in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, all i ask is that you handle your business and vote.

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