Cristan’s Take On Chloe Sevigny’s Hit and Miss

The BBC is now several episodes into broadcasting a show called Hit and Miss about Mia, a pre-op trans assassin who discovers she has a child from a previous relationship.

The character is played by Chloe SevignyHit and Miss has gotten some buzz based on the premise of the show and I even heard about the show during my double secret weekend trip.

Cristan Williams had this to say on her Ehipassiko blog about it.

I decided to see for myself what all the fuss was about and watched the 6
available episodes. If you like assassin shows, it’s your standard
fare. Now, about Sevigny’s portrayal of a pre-op transwoman… It’s good.
At times my reaction to her portrayal of gender dysphoria is visceral
and may be a trigger for some. At other times, I rolled my eyes at some
aspects of the scripted portrayal. Having said that, the good outweighs
the bad.

Here’s the rest of Cristan’s thoughts about the show.

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