Congrats Myles and Precious On Your Engagement!

With all the negative news that January brought to our community, so happy to report some good news with Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching.

I’m pleased to let  y’all know that one of my fave community couples in Precious Davis and Myles Brady are getting married!

Precious dropped the news on her FB page that Myles put a ring on it and she was happily engaged.

And yeah, you know she had a pic of the ring to show everyone.

Hey I ain’t mad at her.   If I’d been proposed to by the handsome Mr. Brady I’d be shouting that news to the world after I said yes.

And Myles was wise enough to recognize that women like Ms. Davis don’t grow on trees, either.

As of yet, no date has been announced for the upcoming nuptials.  You know I’m looking forward to seeing those wedding photos when it finally does happen.

Megacongrats to the happy couple!

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