Congrats Leslie Herod!

There are people who you cross paths with at times in your life that when you meet them, you can sense they are destined for greatness.

One of those people for me was Leslie Herod, and I first met her back in 2013 during one of my Washington DC trips when she was working for the Gill Foundation. She just impressed me at the time and I made a mental note to keep an eye on this rising star in our ranks.  Wasn’t surprised when she ended up as one of the four co-chairs of Creating Change when it was held in Denver last year, and enjoy talking to her when I get some quality time with her when our paths cross.

Been aware she was running for the Colorado House in Denver’s HD-8.  The incumbent state rep for the district in Beth McCann decided not to run for reelection, and Leslie’s candidacy, even though I’m 1000 miles away from her, is one I’ve been enthusiastic about and keeping up with as it has progressed.

Leslie HerodLast night I discovered she handily won her Democratic primary race for the HD-8 seat with 60% of the 9399 votes cast over Aaron Goldhamer,   Since that district and its demographics lean heavily Democratic, it’s looking good for her to be the person taking the oath of office when the next session of the Colorado legislature kicks off on January 12, 2017.

But before she gets to that point, there’s the matter of the general election on November 8 and getting past her Republican opponent for the HD-8 seat in Evan Vanderpool.

So congrats on getting another step closer to becoming Rep-elect Leslie Herod!  I know that the residents of HD 8, your supporters, and your campaign team are doing everything possible to ensure that you’ll be their representative at the statehouse.

And I couldn’t be prouder of you as I watch you accomplish that goal..

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