Coming Back From Creating Change 2016

Per The Mile, LLC, Delivery Service Company, Houston, Texas

And now it’s time to say the words that everyone in Harris County loves to hear.

Time for me to come back home from #CC16 Chicago style.

The Task ForceAfter some morning panels and a closing brunch we’ll be gathering for the final plenary session as the Chicago Host Committee gets to the bittersweet moment of passing the hosting torch to the #CC17 host city, Philadelphia..

I won`t get to see the end of it because I have to catch my flight back to Texas at ORD.

Our Creating Change in Houston was two years ago, and all of us who were involved in putting it together still have fond memories of doing so.  We want another opportunity to host it again and want to top what we pulled off in our maiden attempt..  

Hey, Dallas has held it twice , we’ve only hosted it once.

But thanks Chicago for handling your #CC16 business.  It’s been an amazing and drama filled at times four days here, but I’m more than ready to get back to the warmth of Houston and scarf up some barbecue when I get back home.

To my old friends I had a chance to spend time with at #CC16, enjoyed it immensely and looking forward to the next time we get to share some space together.   To my new friends and all of our youth I got a chance to talk to and take pics with, it was my sincere pleasure to do so.

And to the peeps who live for stirring up mess and drama (and they know who they are), time for you petulant children to grow up and chill with that mess because we have far more important work to do on behalf of our entire community.

Later, Chicago.

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