Clinton Gets 4 Out Of 5 Northeastern States

The race for the Democratic party nomination may not be officially over until June 14, but Sec. Hillary Clinton took four out of five northeastern states to get another step closer to clinching the nomination. .

Sanders only win was in Rhode Island, which was a semi closed primary state that he won  55%-43%.   The other states were closed primaries with predictable results.   Clinton narrowly won Connecticut by six points, , Delaware and the big prizes of Maryland (118 delegates) and Pennsylvania (210).

Three states she won by blowout, which is bad news once again for a Sanders campaign desperately trying to cut into her large delegate lead   She won Maryland, with its large African-American population by 30 points, Delaware by 20 points and Pennsylvania by 12 points

The obese opera singer may not be singing the ‘It’s Over” aria, but is definitely doing sound checks.

Next up is the Indiana primary on May 3 in which 92 delegates will be up for grabs.

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