Ciswomen, Y’all Need To Chill With Your Hatred Of Transwomen

One of the things I’m beyond sick and tired of being sick and tired of is sectors of ciswomen who have their hate on for transwomen to the point that they will denigrate us or actively work to deny us human rights coverage. 

Radical lesbian separatists have disco danced down that road since the 70’s that was paved by Janice Raymond, Germaine Greer and the late Mary Daly,    Sue Hyde of the Task Force proudly signed her name  to a 1977 letter calling for the termination of transwoman Sandy Stone from Olivia Records 

So can we get along?   It’s going to be a while between us and the
radical lesbian separatists because they’ve been at war with us since
the 70’s.   Now they’ve got their panties in a bunch because we’re
pushing back hard against their three decades of unhinged lies,obfuscations about us and their outright oppression of us. 

The transhate in radfem world is pimped by a new generation of radfem transphobes headlined by Julie Bindel, Lynn ‘Dirt’ Baker, Cathy Brennan, other radfem Borg drones and WWBT

They are drunk on their vanillacentric pearl clutching privilege while gleefully participating in the denigration and oppression of transwomen.   When you call them out on their transphobic crap, they start crying white women’s tears and trying to deflect attention from the fact they’ve been worse oppressors of transwomen than the religious right . 

And naw straight cis women, you’ve done your share of damage, too.  Every time you out a transwoman in your neighborhood, your sistahcircle of friends or in a club out of jealousy because she happens to be doing femininity better than you are,  you put her life in jeopardy.   You flapping your lips about her trans status to the wrong people sets that transwoman up to be physically assaulted or worse and makes you an accessory to that hate crime..   

And that’s the salient point of this post.   Your hatred of transwomen is killing us and deleteriously affecting our human rights, and it needs to stop. .

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