Cisgender Added To Oxford Dictionary

Our TERF haters love to flap their gums and claim cisgender not only isn’t a word, but weakly try to claim the word is a slur.

As we say in the Lone Star State, that dog won’t hunt any more thank to recent news.

Because the English language is one that is constantly evolving, the Oxford English Dictionary adds words to it every year,  This year, one of the nearly 500 words added to the volume that is considered the definitive and authoritative volume when it comes to English in addition to twerk was cisgender.

That sound you just heard was TERF heads exploding,

Yep,  cisgender is now officially an English language word, so  you can stop telling that lie that it isn’t.  

It will be not only included in the 2015 edition of the Oxford dictionary, but will soon be included in other online and offline dictionaries that look to the Oxford one as their standard for deciding what words do and don’t get included.

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