Cis Woman Misgendered In Detroit Restaurant Suing

Courtney Bogorad, 30, of Detroit photographed on Sunday,

It’s actually old news, but in light of the injustice that happened here Tuesday, I’m expecting it to happen here soon in the wake of all the lies unleashed by the haters in this HERO campaign.

It points out the absurdity of ‘bathroom bills’ like the one proposed and that thankfully died in committee in this 2015 Texas legislative session by GOP state reps Debbie Does Discrimination Riddle, and Gilbert ‘Don’t Want Them Transkids To Pee’ Pena.

Lexie Cannes reports about an ugly situation that took place at Detroit’s Fishbone’s Rhythm Kitchen Cafe in Detroit’s Greektown area back in June in which 30 year old Cortney Bogorad was jacked up by a security guard who deputized himself to be a gender policeman, accused her of being a ‘boy’, and alleges he violently carried her through the restaurant and threw her to the ground outside the restaurant..

On June 23 she and her attorney David Pontes filed a lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court after attempts to mediate this incident were unsuccessful.

“The bottom line is I know my gender better than anyone else and I’m going to walk into the right restroom,” said Bogorad. “Even when I was questioned, I tried to provide my ID. It shouldn’t have gone any further than that.”

Nope it shouldn’t have.  But because FOX Noise and the conservafool movement have now decided to demonize the trans community, the unintended consequences of that anti-trans hate will unfortunately fall on women like Bogorad who don’t fit society’s ideas of what a woman should look like.

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