Charlotte Passes Ordinance Banning TBLG Discrimination

Some good news out of Charlotte tonight as their City Council passed on a 7-4 vote an ordinance banning LGBT discrimination in the Queen City in front of an overflow crowd.

Of course, the Forces of Intolerance beat the bathroom predator meme into hamburger and Gov Pat McCrory (R), the former Charlotte mayor, tried to browbeat the Charlotte City Council into not taking the issue up by issuing threats to overturn it at the state level.

The new Charlotte ordinance takes effect in April and bans discrimination based on gender identity and expression and sexual orientation in housing and public accommodations.

You may recall that an attempt to pass the same ordinance last year was defeated, and in the wake of that loss, the two Democratic councilmembers that opposed it were ousted and replaced with democrats who supported the ordinance.

Elections matter.

But this was the easy part.   As we can tell you in Houston, keeping progressive legislation you pass in a red state is much harder.

But congrats Charlotte for doing so!    

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