CeCe’s Case Going To Trial

Unfortunately it looks like the CeCe McDonald case is going to trail starting on April 30l.    District Attorney Michael Freeman has been reluctant to drop the charges in this case as he has done with other white cis people in the same situation for some reason..

Is it because it’s an election year in Minnesota and he wants to look ‘tough on crime’ at CeCe’s expense?  My inquiring mind wants to know. 

For those of you in the Minneapolis-St Paul area or in driving distance of it you may wish to consider helping the local activists there pack to courtroom and show support for her and her family as this potential two week proceeding gets underway.

Here’s the Support CeCe website for news about the case, links to the petition and other information to keep you apprised of how things are playing out in this situation.

As I find out here at TransGriot, I’ll post it as well and for those of you that are spiritually inclined to do so, you may also wish to say some prayers for her as well.

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