CeCe McDonald Pretrial Hearing Today

CeCe McDonald’s pretrial hearing is taking place in a Hennepin County courtroom in Minneapolis, MN as I type this.   It was scheduled to start at 9 AM CDT and here’s hoping that District Attorney Michael Freeman will drop the charges.

If he doesn’t the trial will start on April 30.

Keep CeCe in your thoughts, your prayers and your activism.   She was ‘standing her ground’ in an attack against a transphobic white supremacist and he ended up dead.

But she’s the one that ended up with second degree murder charges.

Whitness and white supremacy strikes again.   Even a dead white supremacist is considered to have more value in this society than a live Black transwomen.   What kind of fracked up message is that to send to society?

Here’s hoping that sanity and justice prevails, but somehow I doubt we’ll hear the news we hope to hear about this case today.

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