#CC17 Day One

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Good morning from the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection as they love to say about Philadelphia!  I’m back here again inside its city limits to attend another major TBLGQ community event in Creating Change and while I handle my business, I’m also going to be in reporter mode for it for those of you who either chose not to or couldn’t come to #CC17.

It officially started yesterday, but there have been pre conference events since Monday

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Today’s big happenings at #CC17 and the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown are the day long institutes on various topic taking place in the host hotel.  There are also many TBLGQ organizations who are taking advantage of the fact that many of our leaders are gathered here to have their organizational board meetings

As for what I’m up to today besides being in reporter mode and just talking to various peeps I know in BTLGQ World, In addition to speaking at the Trans United Fund event later tonight at Philadelphia City Hall,  I’m also taking part in the National Black Justice Coalition’s The Black Institute during its 10:00 AM EST programming block

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But the highlight of the night will be the opening Creating Change plenary session from 8-10 PM that features NC NAACP President Rev Dr. William Barber II and his eagerly anticipated keynote address.

Bet you wish you’d come now.

You can follow the #CC17 hashtag on Twiiter, this blog or my TransGriot Twitter handle to check out my commentary about all the CC17 happenings while I’m here.

You can also check out the Creating Change websitefor various highlighted videos and

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