CC15-Last Day

It’s the last day of Creating Change Denver, and the most bittersweet one.   After being the center of the LGBT world for the last few days, it’s time for this 27th annual edition of Creating Change to end and for Chicago to go on the Creating Change hosting clock for 2016.

And it’s time for me to go back to my life in H-town without any of Colorado’s newest cash crop in my luggage.

There are some seminars happening today, with Brandon Mack’s Effemophobia one I’m getting up to check out.  There’s also an interfaith service at 9:30 AM MST

CeCe McDonald gets her award at the closing plenary, addresses the crowd and we get to enjoy the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble  before we all make the dash to Denver International Airport.

It’s been a wonderful conference for me because I actually got to sit down and talk to people instead of having to make sure everything was running smoothly for all you peeps visiting me last year for #CC14.

And getting to have lunch yesterday with an old H-town friend and dinner with my activist mentor Dainna Cicotello and her daughter Laurie really made it special.

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