CC15 Day 4 Recap

Since I’m done with my workshops and seminars, I decided to take this Saturday to catch up with some people who live here in the Denver area that I know.

One is an old friend of mine from Houston who moved here in 2001 and I haven’t see her for years, but we made it happen over lunch at the Denver Hard Rock Cafe just up the 16th Street Mall from the hotel.

While I was marching up the street to the Hard Rock Cafe and my reunion, a protest was being held that started at 12:15 PM MST back at the hotel aimed at the Denver po-po’s.  

It was still going on by the time I returned to the hotel and commenced to running my mouth with my sis Samantha Dato.   We talked about PTHC and whether I was coming for it (maybe)

My activist mentor Dainna Cicotello called me while I was talking to Samantha, and we set up a meeting for dinner at 6 PM.

I killed some time for that meeting by attending a seminar entitled The Psychology of Debunking LGBT Myths that Brynn Tannehill was an informative part of before I had to jet to meet Dainna in the lobby as we headed to a nearby restaurant.   I also got the bonus of seeing her daughter Laurie, who was celebrating her birthday

After a great meal, some peanut butter cheesecake and two hours of catching up since I hadn’t seen either Cicotello in the flesh since the 2000 IFGE Conference, I was back at the Sheraton hanging out in the lobby just chilling and trying to decide what to do next.

Stacey Langley (happy birthday Stacey), Latisha, and Lynette arrived and after a few minutes, we decided the check out the 50+ Dance.    There was also a Masqueerade Ball happening., but after handing out at the dance for 30 minutes, headed back to my room after talking to Omar Narvaez about Texas politics in the bar to write up the days events and pack.

Needed some beauty sleep for my last day in Denver for awhile.

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