CC15-Day 1

Moni is in the Rocky Mountain CC15 house,

Even though I’ve picked up my badge and conference booklet so I can plan out what exciting panels and seminars I would like to see while I’m here in the 303, I’m going to be spending the first day of CC15 in an all day facilitated TPOCC meeting in which I’m sworn to confidentiality on.

But I’m definitely looking forward to seeing my TPOCC family and ‘errbody’ else who is here for Creating Change when I’m not handling my CC15 business.. 

Don’t be shy, say hello.   I don’t bite.  You’ll get a hug if you dare to do so.

While peeps are still winging their way from across the nation , the Racial Justice Institute is kicking off with the Opening Plenary starting at 9:00 AM MST, and then breakout sessions delving into various topics

One I’m hoping  my meeting is done with so I can attend is ‘Race and The Trans Experience’ starting at 2:00 PM.

Should be an interesting and informative day for everyone here.

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