CC15-Day 1 Recap

The first day of the 27th Annual Creating Change jumped off in Denver with us waking up to snowfall for a few hours before the snow laden clouds moved on and the temp warmed up to melt it.

But then again I had other business on my plate this morning.  While other people were getting registered and perusing their programs to ascertain what discussions they would be taking part in during the Racial Justice Institute, I had to straighten out the residual issues left over from my arrival yesterday evening in which my hotel room disappeared in cyberspace for an hour.

But stuff eventually got sorted out by the friendly hotel staff and the Creating Change team., I have Internet access in my room and I’m a happy Denver #CC15 camper.

I was taking part in  a day long Trans Persons Of Color Coalition board meeting in which we spent several hours handling our TPOCC organizational business that confidentiality won’t let me talk about here.

On my way to our meeting room started seeing more of the peeps I know in LGBT World like my Louisville fam Carla Wallace and Kathleen Campisano,.   Finally met Trudie Jackson and saw the lovely Leslie Herod, who is one of the four co chairs for Creating Change Denver style.

And yeah, got another reminder just how popular TransGriot is as I was greeted with hugs from many of my readers.   One offered a suggestion as to who I should select for this week’s Shut Up Fool Award I’ll pass out Friday.

People are continuing to wing their way from across the country here and hit 16th Street Mall which is literally on the hotel’s doorstep.

And yes, I discovered to my gleeful happiness there’s a 7 Eleven right across the street, so Slurpees are being destroyedby moi.

So now it’s time for me to check out the lobby and see who else has arrived here before I shut it down for the evening.  I have two panel discussions tomorrow.

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