Candace Owens DROP Squaded

Candace Owens tells Fox New race wasn't an issue when she was ...

The mysterious D.R.O.P Squad struck again, with their latest high profile target being Candace Owens.

The D.R.O. P. Squad is a shadowy group that kidnaps and deprograms African Americans who have betrayed their community. 

The D.R.O.P. in DROP Squad refers to ‘Deprogramming and Restoration Of Pride’. As of this writing no communique has come from D.R.O.P. Squad leaders explaining why Owens was targeted, but anyone who watches FOX Noise has a pretty good idea. 

Owens was found outside of her home with her makeup and hair perfectly done and endlessly repeating the late Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman poem.

She was also when found holding paperwork to change her voting registration to the Democratic Party.

Owens was taken to a local psychiatric hospital for observation after being tested for the COVID-19 virus.

Police are looking for any clues that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the D.R.O.P. Squad, but as of this time have no leads in this case.

Meanwhile security for SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas and HUD Secretary Ben Carson has been elevated in the wake of this latest appearance of the D.R.O.P. Squad.

And TransGriot readers, check today’s date.…..

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