Canadian Trans Student Named Prom Queen

The positive trans news just keeps on coming from north of the 49th parallel, and this time it’s centered in Trenton, ON.

We’ve had on our side of the border two people, Crystal Vera of Fresno, CA in May 2007 and Andi Viveros in Davie, FL last year be elected by their respective student bodies as prom queens.  

There was also the thwarted October 2010 attempt of Andy Moreno of Dallas to become the first ever open trans homecoming queen when the transphobic principal of North Dallas High School refused to allow her to run.

Toby Covarrubias of Fresno attempted weeks before Crystal Vera became prom queen at Roosevelt High to become the first trans prom king at Fresno High School but didn’t get enough votes to make history.  

In 2010 while Moreno was battling her principal, Oak Reed in Michigan won the title of homecoming king at his school but was deniedby school authorities the opportunity to accept it.  Niko Walker of Culver City, CA became the first trans homecoming king.

Now comes news from the Great White North that Connor Ferguson was named on June 22 prom queen at Trenton High School.

“I was really surprised,” Ferguson said of the win. “It was
pretty surreal actually. If I remember correctly my jaw hit the floor
and we all started laughing because it was so crazy. I walked up and the
crown didn’t fit my hair, so I had to hold it.”

Ferguson admitted high school was relatively easy-going, especially
considering the stigma surrounding transgender people and the LGBT community.
The school has a tolerant student body and supportive staff, as well as
the positive effects of the anti-bullying campaign the school holds
annually, Ferguson said.

“I’ve lived as I am for four years now, so I believe the ‘shock
value’ is gone and most people just accept me for me,” Ferguson said.
“It took some time for quite a few people, but the school and staff
definitely helped with that, and my group of friends was endlessly
supportive. I think people accept you a lot more when you stick up for
yourself and have enough confidence to be yourself.”

I agree Connor, and congrats on being probably the first open trans prom queen in Canadian history.

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