Bye, Stacey!

Been wondering when the conservafool movement would deploy their Kneegrow Auxiliaries to regurgitate the same trans hate the GOP politicians and conservative white folks have been spouting for the last few months.

Well, I now have my answer.  The sellout kneegrow (they don’t deserve to be called Black) pastors were recently deployed to coon it up in North Carolina for the unjust Hate Bill 2, and now Stacey Dash has received her marching orders from her conservafool paymasters..

Ever since I first saw Stacey Dash in the movies Mo’ Money and Illegal In Blue and later Clueless, I’ve been a fan.. The brothers drooled over her photo shoots in various Black men’s magazines.  But over the last several years that has waned as she has started drinking the conservafool Kool-Aid.

Now that the FOX Noise Fembot has revealed herself to be an unrepentant transphobe, as far as I and everyone else in Black Trans World and our allies are concerned it’s Bye, Stacey time.

Since you’re a clueless conservaidiot, pun intended, let me break this simple concept down for you Ms. Dash.  Trans women are women, trans men are men.  We’re also human beings.

Let my unapologetic Black trans behind tell your sellout ass where I and every other trans woman on this planet will be going to poop and pee, and wash our hands when we’re done.  It won’t be in the bushes, it’ll be in the women’s bathroom stall right next to you, just as we have been doing for your entire life and you probably didn’t even know it.

And oh yeah, guess you forgot there are Black trans people whose #BlackTransLivesMatter to all who love them.   It is our lives that have been and will be disproportionately affected by the anti-trans violence and GOP legislative discrimination that your transphobic words gleefully endorse.


Trans people demanding to have our humanity be treated with dignity and respect and our human rights recognized is not as you disrespectfully put it ‘the tyranny of the minority’.  And how dare you as part of the conservative tyranny of the minority peddle that debunked anti-trans bathroom lie so you can peddle your new book that only the FOX Noise watching ignorati will read

Bye, Stacey.   And on behalf of Black Trans America, you can kiss our unapologetically Black trans behinds..

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