Bye And Good Riddance Bigot Flag!

A South Carolina state police honor guard lowers the

The Confederate flag that went up on the South Carolina capitol dome in 1961 as a symbol of resistance to the Civil Rights Movement has finally come down Friday morning to cheers of thousands of onlookers watching a South Carolina State Police honor guard take it away.

And it was way overdue.

That flag is a odious to me as the Nazi flag is to our Jewish friends, and I’m beyond sick and tired of hearing the ‘heritage not hate’ lie southern revisionists, Dixiecrats and white supremacists routinely spouted whenever it was pointed out the Confederate flag was the flag of white supremacists traitors to the US federal government who fought an armed rebellion to keep my people enslaved.

I would have preferred they burn it, but it is going to its new home in a state archive.

Goodbye and good riddance to that symbol of treason and hate.

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