BTWI Statement Concerning The SCOTUS Cases

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October 8, 2019

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BTAC and BTWI along with the entire Black trans community’s eyes are turned toward Washington DC on this historic day as a trans rights case is being argued for the first time in our country’s history

The question before the SCOTUS is a fundamental one.   Is it legal to fire someone for being transgender?  We At BTAC and BTWI believe the quite obvious answer to that question is an emphatic no and being trans is not a fireable offense..

But where we find ourselves on this historic October 8 day is our humanity and human rights as transgender Americans being under persistent attack by the Trump administration and its reprehensible accomplices. .   

The Harris Funeral Homes vs EEOC case being brought by Aimee Stephens is a case that will not only impact the human rights of the trans community, but one that will negatively impact all Americans if this case is decided incorrectly.

If that happens, it will also disproportionately affect the Black trans community that we proudly serve.   Now that the case has been argued before the SCOTUS, we at BTWI  and BTAC will continue to fight for the humanity and human rights of our community no matter what happens in this case.

Trans rights are undeniably human rights, and we urge the SCOTUS to be on the right side of history and say no to discrimination.  If they don’t, then the Roberts Court will forever set in stone the undeniable impression that it is a partisan, unjust body when it comes to the civil rights of Americans.

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