BTWI Statement Concerning The Murder of Ciara McElveen

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TransGriot Note: The Black Transwomen, Inc Statement concerning the death of Ciara McElveen


February 27, 2017
Contact: Monica Roberts BTWI Media Chair
Carmarion Anderson  BTWI Founding President
855-255-8636  Ext 11

Black Transwomen, Inc like the community, is just becoming aware of the tragic death of our fallen sister Chyna Gibson, and we awoke on Monday morning like members of our community to hear the unbelievable news that another trans women was killed in New Orleans’ 7th Ward.

Ciara McElveen was stabbed seven times in the 1700 block of Columbus Street and left for dead when the NOPD found her after responding to a call at 9 AM CST.   She was taken to a nearby hospital where she died from her wounds.

BTWI would like to express our deepest sympathy to her family and all who loved Ciara for her loss. We hope and pray that the person responsible for her murder is caught, prosecuted and is convicted of this heinous crime.  If you have information that will lead to that happening, please call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111 or 1-877-903-STOP (7867).  

This makes her the second trans woman killed in New Orleans in the span of 48 hours, the third this week, the fourth in the month of February and the sixth nationally in 2017.

And the infuriating point to us at Black Transwomen Inc is that all four of the trans women killed in the month of February are African-American transpeople.

We at BTWI are just as fed up with this pattern of anti-trans violence aimed at our sisters as those of you who care about our Black trans feminine community.

Our motto at BTWI is Every Voice Matters.   When a trans person’s voice is stilled, we are going to ensure that their voice and the voices of all Black trans women are heard in this and other cases when it comes to our lost sisters until justice is served.  

Rest in power and peace, Ciara


Black Transwomen,  Inc  is a national not for profit organization based in Dallas TX  that is part of the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition,  a social justice alliance of the Black Transmen Inc, Black Transwomen Inc & Black Trans International Pageantry System organizations. BTA is committed to the advancement of black and trans people and the liberation of all disenfranchised people by working collaboratively to help end race and gender inequalities   

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