BTWI Statement Concerning The Kashmire Redd Murder

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September 6, 2017

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We have lost 17 trans women of color to anti-trans violence in 2017, and today it saddens us as an organization to announce that an 18th person and our first trans masculine person has died due to the plague of anti-trans violence visited upon our community.

He is 28 year old Kashmire Nazer Redd of Gates, New York.  

We at Black Transwomen Inc, our brother organization Black Transmen, Inc. The Black Trans International Pageantry System and Black Trans Advocacy express our deepest condolences to Kashmire Redd’s family and all who loved him.

He received multiple stab wounds during a domestic dispute with his partner in their apartment in the early morning hours on Monday.   Redd stumbled out of the apartment, collapsed and was alive when Gates PD arrived on the scene at 4:30 AM EDT, but succumbed to his wounds after being taken to Strong Memorial Hospital.

Redd is the 15th Black transperson we have lost to anti trans violence.  What also continues to sadden us is that 15 of the 18 people we have lost in 2017 are under age 40, and 17 of the 18 have been trans women of color.

40 year old Doris Carrasquillo has been arrested and charged with second degree murder in this case, and is currently being held without bail in the Monroe County Jail. We at BTWI, BTMI, BTIPS and BTA pray that justice will be expeditiously served in this case

Rest in power and peace, Kashmire.

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