BTAC Is Back!

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You long time readers know I like to write poetry when the mood hits me, and for the last 36 hours I’ve had the BTAC themed poem running through my head that I finally got a chance to sit down and write.

BTAC Is Back!
An MKR Poem

BTAC is back
And unapologetically Black
We’re handling our business here in Big D
Tapping into our Afrocentric ancestry

Peeps who are trans and GNC
From sea to shining sea
Gather in Texas to build family
And become the best people they can be

The BTIPS pageant, awards gala, and Transmanifest Live
Showing the world that we will thrive
The Community Summit and empowerment sessions
Teaching us all important life lessons

The Anchors, BTMX and our Golden Flames
Putting more respect on our BTAC name
The distinguished brothers of BTMI
Are the apple of every sister’s eye

Gotta drop this knowledge
Y’all know this ain’t no lie
Have mad love for my sisters

Our BTMX siblings
The new kids on the block
But you already know
Black GNC people rock  

Our Golden Flames paved the way
They’re our elders who still have much to say
They have wisdom and knowledge that just needs to be tapped
Note to you BTAC younglings: they have our back  

Our BTIPS pageant royalty
Reigning with grace and humility
Time once again in this Lone Star scene
To choose a new BTIPS king and queen

On Family Day
Y’all know this ain’t no fable
Some behinds are getting beat
At the spades and dominoes tables

The online trash talk
Has already begun
About last year’s kickball game
So tell me, who won?

On Saturday night
Ain’t no mystery to y’all
We’ll be looking for tens
At the Black Diamond Ball

On Sunday we say goodbye to this BTAC endeavor
Having made friends we hope will last forever
Once the hugs are over and we part ways  
Start the countdown to the next BTAC in 365 days

My BTAC fam is amazing
That’s an undeniable fact
Can’t wait until the next time
I can say BTAC is Back!

Enjoy it.

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