BTAC Condemns Lt Gov. Patrick`s Call For TX Anti-Trans Hate Law

The 2016 edition of the Black Trans Advocacy Conference kicked off in Dallas today, but attendees were dismayed to hear that Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (R) signaled during a press conference that he would be supportive of a HB 2 style hate bill in the Lone Star State.  It`s not surprising since Patrick supported and contributed to the HERO repeal forces.  

The Black Trans Advocacy Conference this afternoon issued a statement condemning Lt Governor Patrick`s comments attempt to peddle anti trans hatred in Texas.


The Black Trans Advocacy Conference condemns Lt. Governor Dan Patrick`s statement that he would support removing human rights protections for all Texans with an HB2 style bill.

We find it particularly egregious that you would cynically use hatred of trans people to do so in an election year.

“I fail to understand why our lieutenant governor would wish to take this regressive step backward,” said BTAC executive director Carter Brown. “Trans Texans are your neighbors, business owners, employees, taxpayers, family members,  husbands, wives, and people raising children.”

“It is time to move Texas forward, not follow North Carolina down the divisive, economy destroying nouveau Jim Crow path they wish to take our beloved state.”

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