Boom, Boom! Dan Savage Gets Glitterbombed Again

Seems like I just wrote about rainbow transphobe Dan Savage getting glitterbombedat a November 1 University of Oregon event.   Now I’ve been informed it happened again at a November 9 UC-Irvine event.

You TransGriot readers get to peruse the comments of Tobi Hill-Meyer and Kat Rose on this while I get my thoughts together about this latest incident in which one of the students involved in this latest glitterbombing was captured by the police and arrested.

Note to Savage fans.  If your boy is getting glitterbombed at it seems like almost every stop on his MTV tour, shouldn’t that tell you he has a problem with transphobia?  

If you’re going to continue to deny that he does, mayve the following links will open your eyes to just a sample of Dan’s issues and why he’s having to comb glitter out of his hair all of a sudden?

Now, are you going to listen to what transpeople and our allies are trying to tell you about Savage’s megadouchery on a wide variety of issues or keep trying to stick your head in the sand about it?

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