Bloomberg Protest At The 2020 JRR

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Just arrived from the JRR dinner, and y’all might have heard about a silent protest I did in which I stood up,  turned my back to Bloomberg  when he started speaking,  and remained standing for the duration of his horrible JRR speech.

Naw player, couldn’t let you waltz into my hometown without doing something to express my displeasure at his candidacy.  And yeah, these are just some of the reasons why I’m not feeling Bloomberg.

There were a few other attendees in that Marriot Marquis room that also weren’t feeling Bloomberg either, and expressed themselves during his horrid speech in which there was no mention of stop and frisk or his transphobia.   Amelie Haydel and Aicilef Gnuoy started chanting during the speech and were detained by police.

Bloomberg eventually stops droning and i get to sit down.   My beind wasn’t in the chair for a minute when some random Becky walks up to be and starts ranting about she’s supporting bllomberg because  get this, her daughter was sexually assaulted by a Black man.

WTF?   She also had the nerve to try to claim she was Latina. 

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I got up out of my seat, and she now had to face an extremely pissed off  6′ 5″ moi with heels on towering over her petite self.   I then began to channel my inner Elektra Wintour and read the tramp for filth before she was mericfully escorted away from me by one of my tablemates. 

Amazing how a silent protest triggers peeps with privilege so much. 

Just to give you an example of the level of read homegirl got, here’s Elektra shutting down a disrespectful Becky like I had to unexpoectedly do tonight.

For those of you who have been asking me on social media if I’m okay.  yeah, I’m good.

The Becky I read for filth, not so much.

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