Black.Trans. Unapologetic.

I am an unapologetic Black trans woman. I cannot and will not be intimidated. I will fight for my humanity and my human rights, and I’m not going anywhere.

-Monica Roberts 

I have loved Rep. Maxine Waters ever since I briefly met her in her office during a 1999 GenderPac Lobby day.   I was looking at the quote she said in the wake of the attacks being aimed at her by the conservafools and I basically did a moni remix of it for myself and my Black trans sisters.

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We come from a long line of women who have been fighting for our humanity and human rights since that first involuntary boat ride from Africa.    I’m also part of a long line of Black trans feminine multitaskers who have not only fought for our right to exist, we have also fought tooth and nail to be recognized as the women we are while fighting for everybody’s  human rights.

And nope, just because Republican legislators are trying to attack our humanity and human rights for their own electoral gain next year doesn’t change that fact.

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We aren’t going anywhere.  We are part of the diverse mosaic of human life.   We are part of the kente cloth fabric of the Black community.   We are wives, sisters, daughters, aunts, friends and beautifully human people who just want to be left alone from political attacks so that we can concentrate our intellect and talents on simply being able to do our part to contribute to society and looking fly while doing so.

It’s past time Black community, that you recognize the fact that if our human rights as trans people aren’t secure, yours aren’t either.   I’m also tired of seeing ministers who look like me colluding with Republicans and white fundamentalist preachers to spread falsehoods about the trans community.

Black trans women like me exist here and across the African Diaspora.   Our lineage goes back to ancient Egypt.   We are beautiful.  We are talented.  We are intelligent.  We are girls like us who if just given the opportunity, can accomplish amazing things.

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And if you think we’re Black T Girl Magic personified, wait until you see the next generation of Black trans women.

I am Black.   I am a woman of trans experience.   I am unapologetic about it,and will keep saying it until you peeps get the point.that trans women are women. .

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