Black Trans Advocacy Statement Concerning SB 6

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TransGriot Note:  One of the Texas organizations condemning SB 6, the Transgender Oppression Act is the Dallas based Black Trans Advocacy, the umbrella org for Black Trans Women, Inc, Black Transmen, Inc, the Black Trans Advocacy Conference, and the Black Trans International Pageantry System.

Here is a statement from BTA about the introduction by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (R) and Sen Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham) of SB 6.  


January 6, 2017

Black Trans Advocacy, Black Transwomen, Inc, Black Transmen, Inc and the Black Trans International Pageantry System are angered but not surprised as Texas based organizations by the decision of Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Sen. Lois Kolkhorst to continue the Republican Party’s attack on Texas trans people and specifically Texas trans women.

In case you’ve forgotten Lt Governor Patrick,  our state motto is ‘Friendship’, not Hatred

The introduction yesterday of the unjust, immoral and unconstitutional SB6  is nothing more than a frontal assault on the humanity and human rights of Texas trans people.  We are also concerned about the negative effects a passed SB 6 would have on trans Texans and visitors who come to the Lone Star State to enjoy our hospitality and attend our Dallas based Black Trans Advocacy Conference that is now in its sixth year.

Texas trans people are spouses, family members, children, business owners, taxpayers and your neighbors who would also feel the negative repercussions of any boycott of the Lone Star State  that would occur if SB 6 were unfortunately passed.   That boycott  would do irreparable harm to our state’s economy and condemn the Lone Star State to face the same international rebuke and scorn as a human rights oppressor that North Carolina is facing.

We urge our lieutenant governor and Sen Kolkhorst to withdraw this reprehensible bill.  We insist as Texas residents and voters that you spend this 85th Texas Legislative session focusing on the issues of importance to our state. Attacking the humanity of Texas trans people is an unnecessary political distraction, and frankly is nothing more than legislative bigotry and oppression.

If you persist in pushing transphobic legislative bigotry upon our community, you, Sen Kolkhorst and the Texas Republican Party will own the responsibility of lost Texas jobs and billions of dollars in lost business revenue.

More importantly, you and your party will bear the responsibility for the harm done to the lives of the transgender Texans that we proudly and unapologetically serve.

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