Black People Ain’t Brainwashed Herman, You Conservanegroes Are

One of the things that has pissed me and a lot of African Americans off is the oft repeated charge in Conservaworld that because we African-Americans vote at an 85%-90% clip for Democrats, we’re ‘brainwashed’ or have a ‘herd mentality’ when it comes to voting and won’t consider voting for conservatives or Republican candidates

Naw Herman, we ain’t brainwashed.  But you cookie chomping Knee-grows who call yourselves proud conservatives are.

And you’re a disgrace to your Morehouse ‘ejumacation’ to even part your lips and say something that ignorantly stupid.  African-Americans vote for those who support them and their interests just like any other voting bloc or ethnic group in this country does.

Gee Herman, guess you’re too busy ignoring your Black history and cooning it up in your attempt to get the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, so here’s an Oreo for you to munch on while I school you.  

Black people voted for Republicans for almost 100 years after Emancipation because of Lincoln and the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation.  We did so because like the modern late 20th century-21st century Democratic Party, the Republican Party was standing up for our community’s political and economic interests at the time and the Democrats, who had the Dixiecrats and racists in their party ranks in the 19th century weren’t.

The seeds of that political shift were sown when the Black community was thrown under the bus in the wake of the disputed 1876 presidential election by the Compromise of 1877 that allowed Rutherford B. Hayes to become president and ended Reconstruction.    Subsequent Republican administrations did nothing to stop the advance of Jim Crow segregation in the South as our human rights were rolled back and we faced relentless terrorist attacks from the KKK and other disgruntled whites.

As the 20th century dawned and the Republicans increasingly became indifferent to looking out for our political and economic interests while taking stances to gain more white and wealthy voters, we started getting politically restless.  The Democrats were beginning starting during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration to increasingly target their policies in a direction that focused on African-American human rights and economic interests and that continued under the Truman, Kennedy and LBJ administrations.

Your party failed to keep pace in order to continue to win our votes and keep our loyalties, and the political divorce happened in 1964 when Barry Goldwater was nominated to oppose President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who got the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and later the Voting Rights Act of 1965 passed.  LBJ also did a lot of things during his administration that showed he was on our side.  The Dixiecrat racists and bigots fled the Democratic Party in the wake of that LBJ landslide to become Republicans and ever since then we’ve voted for Democrats. 

The Democrats were the party that nominated and got through the first African American Supreme Court Justice in Thurgood Marshall.  Since the 1960’s they are the party that seeks to expand civil and human rights in this country while you have gone tragically in the opposite direction.  They nominated the first African American cabinet secretaries and had African Americans running for president under their party’s name in 1972, 1984, 1988, 2004, and 2008  

It was the Democrats that had Ronald H. Brown run the party in 1988 when it took y’all until 2008 to do so, then you threw Michael Steele under the bus last year for a white male because he successfully did his job.  It is Democratic African-American congressmembers who have major leadership roles in Congress when they have the majority unlike your party leadership that is overwhelmingly white and male.

And yes, the first African American presidential candidate nominee in 2008 and eventual 44th President of the United States is a Democrat.

For the most part the Democratic Party continues to look out for our political interests, protect our human rights against your neo-Confederate attempts to roll them back and pursue policies we African Americans consider vital to continue our growth and maturation to long lasting prosperity and first class citizenship status.  

As for folks like me who are part of the chocolate rainbow community and the trans sector of it, it’s no contest in terms of us rejecting conservatism and what party were voting for in every election cycle.

Any time you conservatives have had an opportunity to step up to the plate and show you can do the same for African-Americans or exceed what the Democrats and liberalism has done for us you have failed miserably to do so.  You conservatives have consistently advocated and pursued policies that
are deleterious to my people. 

So why should any proud, politically aware
African American vote for a party or listen to advocates of that failed political philosophy that from our vantage point not only doesn’t care what we think and disrespects, belittles or ignores what we have to say, but aggressively seeks to wipe out
everything we’ve painfully paid for in blood and accomplished as a people despite their determined and sometimes violent opposition since 1865?   

On top of that, all you knee-grow conservatives have shown yourselves to be are sellouts more concerned with your wallets, conservamedia exposure and being front men and women who are eager participants in acting against our community’s best interests.

Ken Blackwell in 2004 ring a bell?   Thomas Sowell?  Armstrong Williams?  Angela McGlowan?   Bigot, oops Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr

You and the rest of those Oreo-cookie chompers can lie to yourselves and your history and information challenged Tea Klux Klan friends all you want, the facts are that Republicans haven’t done jack for my people but denigrate them, oppose their human rights and attempt to roll them back since 1964.  

Those easily bamboozled low information voters you have in your Tea Klux Klan ranks may consistently fall for that vanilla scented privileged bull feces, but we ain’t that stupid.  

The fact that your 2008 GOP convention had less than 30 African American participants while the Democratic one in Denver had thousands of us including a trans African American delegate only speaks to how far out of step you conservafools are with Black America. 

It also pisses y’all off that African Americans are much smarter and more politically savvy than we’re given credit for being.

If you conservatives want us to give conservatism and the GOP a serious look, then you are going to have to come up with policies that positively and consistently benefit the African American community and our country. 

You also need to cease and desist with the attacks on our human rights and denigration of us in order to curry favor with your neo-Confederate white voters.

Spin and empty gestures ain’t going to do it.  Having a chocolate sycophant spouting the same BS white conservafools consistently do ain’t gonna make me or any African-American voter consider conservatism or stop voting for Democrats, especially when your party continues to spend millions of dollars on schemes to suppress our votes.

Your failed policies of attacking unions, class warfare against the poor and working class people and stalling legislation that will bring jobs to working class Americans while protecting corporate tax breaks and the wealthy tell us you aren’t going to change your 70 plus year old ways in this 2012 cycle, much less any election cycle for the foreseeable future.

And that means we free thinking unapologetically Black people are going to continue to tune you conservafools out and continue voting for Democrats until you give us a compelling reason not to.

So naw, Herman, Black people ain’t brainwashed, you conservanegroes are..


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