Black Community, Does My Black Trans Life Matter?

imageIn the wake of another young Black transwoman being murdered in Los Angeles, am definitely going to signal boost this post by Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi asking the Black community a question that’s on the minds of all African descended transpeople no matter what our age is.

Do our Black lives matter?   

They most certainly do.   #BlackTransLivesMatter.    Here’s a taste of what Lady Dane had to say.


Trans women are not killed by trans women, we are killed by cisgender
men. Often cisgender black men. Is this why our black community is so
afraid of having this conversation? Trans folk are the greatest embodied
form of revolution against colonization. Our very existence spits in
the face of all that colonization wishes our black community to hold
true: is this why our black community is so afraid to have these
conversations? Is it that the poison of colonization has seeped so
deeply into the  veins of  the black movement that it is easier to
ignore black trans folk and use them as place holders then to honor our
existence? We must begin to honor not just our fallen  cis brothers but
our fallen trans siblings and cis sisters. We must fight against the
notion that we black women must ignore our brutalizers, although many of
us are forced to co-exist with them


You can read the entire to the Black community she wrote by clicking this link.

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