Black and German

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One of the little known things about me is I took German in high school, and I have a cousin who is German. 

Black people have lived in Germany for 400 years, and there are an estimated 1 million Afro Germans in the nation today.  I was aware of that history because of the late EBONY managing editor Hans Massaquoi and his book about growing up Black in Nazi Germany called Destined to Witness.

Massaquoi, while being a naturalized American citizen, still considered Germany home.

That’s one reason why I was thrilled to discover the Deutsche Welle documentary by German journalist Jana Pareigis (who is yes, Black and German) discussing the Afro German community

Pareigis is also a history maker.   She is the first Afro German to be a commentator on German television for the German news network Deutsche Welle and now is a co host on ZDN’s morning show


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