Black AIDS Day from a Canadian angle

Last June, the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) made clear something that Black and Indigenous communities have always known: that systemic racism was a public health crisis. Regarding how systemic racism affects Black Canadians living with HIV/AIDS, CATIE stated that our communities have been left particularly vulnerable: 
                    “We have seen anti-Black racism in the disproportionate policing, criminalization and media reporting of African, Caribbean and Black people living with HIV for                     non-disclosure of HIV status. Furthermore, disproportionate rates of incarceration have a compounding effect on the risk of HIV and hepatitis C infection.”
This February 7 is the seventh annual African, Caribbean and Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in Canada. Here are some resources for TransGriot readers based in Canada to access:
  • African and Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario (ACCHO)
  • African Diaspora Association of the Maritimes
  • Africans in Partnership Against AIDS (APAA)
  • Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (BCAP)
  • Canadian HIV/AIDS Black, African and Caribbean Network (CHABAC)

  • Coalition des organismes communautaires québécois de lutte contre le sida/Coalition of Quebec community organizations fighting against AIDS (COCQ-SIDA)
By Vanessa Colantonio (She/Her/Hers)
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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