Bi Community Not Shown Any Love In #ThisIsLuv Campaign

Black Lives Matter LGBTThe #ThisIsLuv Campaign was organized by Wade Davis, Tiq Milan and Darnell Moore in conjunction with GLAAD, National Black Justice Coalition, Politini Media,, HRC Foundation (HRCF) and to highlight and affirm “LGBT love in Black communities”.

While that’s an effort that is needed in our community, I was concerned that not only are the goals of this campaign not clearly defined beyond the nebulous ‘highlight and affirm LGBT love in Black communities’, I was bothered that BiNet USA was not included in the list of organizations taking part in this much needed educational and affirmation of love effort in our African descended community ranks.

And the Bi community is not feeling the love in the #ThisIsLuv campaign.   They are feeling dissed.

Faith CheltenhamJust like the trans community, the ‘B’ in the LGBT community has been marginalized and ignored as well by the LG end, and the bi community ain’t having it any more as this petition is evidence of along with a statement from non-monosexual leaders concerning the #ThisIsLuv campaign.

And yes, African-American bi community members exist.  I’ve been in contact and friends with many of them for years.

With Kate Brown in Oregon set to become thefirst out bisexual governor in the US today in the wake of the resignation of scandal ridden Governor John Kitzhaber (D), a bi congressmember in US Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ),  BiNet USA president Faith Cheltenham last year becoming the first out bi person to witness a White House bill signing, and a long list of current celebrities and historical figures who are part of it, the  ‘B’ in LGBT is anything but invisible, especially in the African-American community.

Neither are the bi community’s leaders like Faith Cheltenham.

Cheltenham didn’t mince any words on her Facebook page about another sad case of  bi erasure.

“It’s weird, it’s like one good thing happens for bi visibility and the
ENTIRE LGBT WORLD tries to stuff all the bisexuals in a closet. In a
24hr period I’ve witnessed a “blah” response on openly bisexual Kate
Brown from LGBT Media elite, seen biphobia MISSPELLED by Black LGBT
activists like Tiq Milan and Wade Davis, seen myself utilized to
showcase diversity at a not so diverse conference, been told by a ‪#‎CSUN‬ researcher that pansexual is not a bisexual community label…and to top it all off? The ‪#‎ThisisLuv‬
press release bandied about “gay and transgender’ like it didn’t just
kill half a dozen bi+ activists. GODDESS? I DON’T HAVE MUCH LEFT, I JUST
DON’T. I’m agreeing with Dr. Heru Khuti, it’s time to call it a ‪#‎Bisexual‬ ‪#‎StateofEmergency‬.

Screw the petitions, I say we start
suing. It’s fraud plain and simple to utilize bisexual stats and deny
bisexuals service. It’s deception to claim you’re doing LGBT work when
the B is always silent, forgotten and erased. And honestly, it’s just
plain cruel to follow up your slights with comments like “it’s not like
bisexual activists are on every corner”. Honey, with higher poverty
rates than our gay, lesbian and heterosexual peers we really ARE on a
lot of corners. And I agree again with Dr. Herukhuti, it’s a misstep to
neglect to amplify BLACK TRANS WOMEN during this epidemic of violence
against them. Just like its a misstep to erase bi folks from #ThisisLuv
when family acceptance for bi youth is lower than their gay and lesbian
peers experience.

I would hope that the #ThisIsLuv campaign organizers would expeditiously correct their error and immediately include African-descended bi community leaders.  As much as I like the idea and it’s critically needed in the Black community, I can’t support it if it continues to erase the bi community in words and deeds.

You can’t legitimately claim that this is an LGBT community campaign when the ‘B’ was not only ignored, but wasn’t sitting at the table to craft it.

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