Bermuda Marriage Equality Referendum On Thursday

You might be surprised to know that I have a few Bermudians who not only are fans of this blog, but I am Facebook friends with.  I had the pleasure of meeting Zakiya Johnson-Lord while I was in Chicago for Creating Change a few months ago.

I noticed as I perused my Bermudian friends pages the#VoteYESYESBermuda hashtag and other similar ones started popping up on their posts.  When my curiosity kicked in to find out what those memes and hashtags were about, I discovered it was concerning an upcoming June 23 marriage equality referendum on the island.

The non binding referendum will ask Bermudians to ponder and vote YES or NO on two questions that concern TBLG Bermudians.

Are you in favour of same sex marriage in Bermuda?

Are you in favour of same sex civil unions in Bermuda?

Advance voting for those who can prove they will be off island on election day took place June 14-16 at the Bermuda College Student Centre, and it will be interesting to see how the June 23 voting takes place.

Our Bermudian cousins in favor of marriage equality not only posted the #VoteYESYESBermuda hashtags on their pages and Twitter feeds, the #VoteYESYES, #LoveWinsYESYES and  #LoveMustWin tags have also popped up.

I’m surprised that our US based radical ‘christians; haven’t openly meddled in Bermuda’s electoral business, but then again let me not speak too soon since they may be on the down low funneling cash to the anti- marriage side.

Deadline to register was May 18, and hope my Bermudian friends are not only registered to handle their electoral business, but hope it goes their way on Thursday when voting starts at 8 AM Bermuda time and continues until 8 PM their time at these locations.

Best of luck and hope people not only vote YES YES, but that love wins on Bermuda,

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