Being Trans Is A Choice…Yeah, Right

When the news broke that R. Kelly’s child  Jay is part of Team Trans, I was happy for him 

But what I was NOT happy about was seeing once again the rampant transphobia that broke out in the hip hop and Black gossip blog world ranks.   Serial transphobe Sandra Rose once again unleashed her transphobic ignorance in this situation, and with bitter transphobic poison starting to spread to other gossip blog outlets, had to comment.

I’ve already called out Sandra Rose’s azz on these electronic pages, and trying to talk sense to her or the other Black gossip blogs that traffic in transphobia is like trying to talk to a brick wall.   None of them want to get a clue or ‘ejumacate’ themselves on trans issues, so they get the same level of disrespect I gleefully heap upon conservafools.

Moving on because school is in session.   I’ll riff on those kneegrow transphobes later

For the last month I’ve been hearing and seeing in comment threads this tired spin line that being trans is a choice.   Um, no.   Medical science increasingly says otherwise.  If you actually believe that BS because of your Christian lifestyle that being trans is a choice, I have a question to ask you  

Can you tell me the exact date you decided to live your cismasculine or cisfeminine lifestyles?  

Umm hmm, that’s what I thought.   If you always knew you are and were a cismasculine or cisfeminine person, what makes you think we didn’t know we were trans from an early age? 

I’m unapologetically Black and trans.  While it’s been twenty years for me being publicly out about it, bottom line I as the research shows, the way I look at life love and everything else is shaped by a thought process that is undeniably female despite being born in a masculine body.  

But I got to the feminine body part as quickly as I could, and Jay Kelly is doing the same thing in the transmasculine direction 

As for the being trans is a choice part?  Yeah, right. 

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