Being A TBLG Christian Is Not An Oxymoron

One of the things I get sick of seeing and hearing is self described atheists taking every opportunity to say hateful and negative stuff about Christianity while they demand that you ‘respect their belief systems’.

The hatred in LG World ramped up with the soon discredited news that Kim Davis, their fave person to have Two Minute Hates on, was allegedly given a private audience with Pope Francis during his recent visit to the United States.

Yeah, I and other BTLG Christians get it that many of you have a deep seated hatred of Christianity because of the bible beltings you have been subjected to by right wing fundie Pharisees and Sagicees and GOP politicians hiding behind the bible and the cross. 

But you need to take that up with the people dishing them out, not beat up on your fellow GLBT peeps who happen to be Christians or our liberal progressive Christian allies. 

May I remind you that many of us LGBT Christians take our faith journey seriously and in
many cases are motivated to be better people because of our faith.   Many of us have leaned on our faith to help us get through trying times during our transitions and journeys of self awareness.  

As I have said a few times, if you wish for me as a Christian to respect
your decision to be an atheist or follow whatever spiritual beliefs you
are comfortable with, then the same reciprocal respect is required of
you for LGBT folks like myself who have deeply held religious beliefs
and who believe that being part of the LGBT community and a person of
faith are NOT mutually exclusive.

Being a TBLG Christian is not an oxymoron.  Respect that.

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