Becoming Johanna Documentary

I’m always on the lookout for interesting trans documentaries, especially when they tell the stories of trans people of color.   Renee of Womanist Musings talked about this one with a post back in April that’s entitled Becoming Johanna-The Struggles Of A Latina Trans Girl

It’s part of a series of films from the Youth And Gender Media Project which is producing short films about the complexities and challenges facing gender variant youth.

These films are aimed atand seek to educate teachers, administrators, parents and students in school communities across the United States.    They also are designed according to the Youth and Gender Media Project website tointroduce radical new concepts for many audiences.

They point out the very idea that a young child can be transgender and have the
wherewithal to fight against the pressures to conform to a binary gender
paradigm, to the new and still very rare use of hormone blockers to
delay puberty. However, since the films are structured around universal
themes such as parenting and acceptance, identity and difference,
growing up and coming of age, tolerance, love and self-esteem, they
remain accessible and deeply moving even to people who are resistant to
the idea of transgender 

And based on the transphobic Hateraid, ignorance and discrimination we transpeople get buffeted with from all the communities we interact with, they are sorely needed.

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