Barney, STFU

Barney Frank attacked the head of the Human Rights Campaign for apologising to trans groupsFar from staying his azz in retirement and keeping his lips in neutral when it comes to anything trans related,trans oppressor and former Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) opened his lips and tried to rewrite history.

He tried to justify his reprehensible actions of cutting transpeople out of an inclusive ENDA bill in 2007 and slam transpeople at the same time.

In a recent GAVoice interview He blasted HRC president Chad Griffin for making the apology at the recent Southern Comfort Conference to the tran community and claimed his political instincts were off and is still trying to pimp the lie he told in 2007 that the votes to pass a trans inclusive ENDA weren’t there.

Bullshit. They were.  Your transphobic behind wanted to keep us out of ENDA and you were looking for ANY excuse to do so.

I still find it interesting that the whip count you conducted was done while the Congressional Black Caucus and much of the Hill was attending the 2007 CBCF Foundation Annual Legislative Caucus.

And what you said in that interview was a blatant lie.  Scores of transpeople have been hitting Capitol Hill to lobby since 1994.  I personally have been spending my own money and burning up my vacation time at various jobs to do so since 1998.  Many of us when we couldn’t go to Washington DC to do so did so at the local congressional offices.  

The biggest impediments to trans people being included in ENDA since 1994 have been you and HRC.  And no amount of spin can change that attempted pinkwashing of that sorry record.

Purple One, you were the one that came up with the bathroom argument that our right wing opponents have been trying to use to oppress us with   

So no, the only person with suspect political instincts is you.    And you really need to come clean about that  transphobia that you still harbor in your heart.

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